Dozent/in: Tatjana Oberdörster

4. Semester BA IM

Globalisation – Facts and Figures, Current Account, Trade Theory, Trade Policy, Purchasing Power Parity, Nominal and Real Exchange-Rate, Covered Interest Parity, Uncovered Interest Parity, Forex Market, Exchange-Rate Policy and Domestic Monetary Policy, Echange-Rate Intervention, Costs and Benefits of Fixed Exchange-Rates, Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes

4. Semester IM

Cross-cultural team building, basics of project controlling and effective communication in global project team, decision making concerning strategic and operational management in all business functions

4. Semester International Management

Management in practice. Directing a virtual company based on a business simulation software.

Dozent/in: Monika Janiszewski,

Dozent/in: Tatjana Oberdörster

4. Semster

This course is dedicated to normative and strategic management. It is planned as mixture of paper-based discussions, lectures, and presentations by students (in teams).

This course is connected with the English Class of Operative Management (Game, Prof. Figura)

Dozent/in: Thomas Siebe


Dozentin: Pulst